Biological fluids - Goat

Biological fluids - Goat

Biological fluids or body fluids are all the liquids in the body that help transport nutrients or expel waste from cells. The most common body fluids are blood, saliva, semen, vaginal fluids, mucus and urine. However, there are many other biological fluids.
There are 3 main types of biological fluids: intravascular biological fluids, interstitial biological fluids and intracellular biological fluids. Extracellular fluid is the body fluid outside the cell(s). Intravascular fluid (blood plasma), interstitial fluid, lymph and transcellular fluid constitute the extracellular fluid. Interstitial fluid, i.e. the fluid that fills the spaces between the cells, is the main constituent, while transcellular fluid, i.e. the fluid that fills the spaces in the chambers formed by the epithelial cell linings, is the least important. Intracellular fluid is the body fluid inside the cell(s). 
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