Optimization buffers - Conjugates

Optimization buffers - Conjugates

Why do you need optimization?
  • If you have false positive or negative results.
  • If you have a specific signal lack due to too much background noise.
Problems with immunoassay results are frequent, with more than 80% of the tests being affected by different types of problems that are independent of the manipulator's level of experience.

These problems can have several sources:
  • Matrix Effects
  • Cross-reactivity
  • Non-specific connections
  • HAMAs (human anti-mouse antibodies) or other heterophilic antibodies
  • The endogenous proteins present in the tested samples
The perfect solution for interference problems in immunoassays should remove weak to medium affinities without affecting strong affinities.

Optimization solutions are a class of solutions for advantageous and multifunctional immunoassays.
They are different from other diluents and buffers. 

We offer a buffer that dilutes HRP (antibody and avidin / streptavidin) conjugates and is not only a dosage diluent because it reduces HAMA interference and helps to avoid matrix effects. With this buffer, the tests are reproducible, the results obtained are constant. This buffer can be used with blood, serum and tissue sections.

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