Immunohistochemistry: Enhancing Antibodies for Advanced In Vitro Diagnostics

Key Players in IHC for Diagnostic: p63, SATB2, PAX-8, and Cytokeratins Unveiled

The Power of Immunohistochemistry 

Antibodies for Advanced 

In Vitro Diagnostics


The range we are presenting today comprises antibodies which are invaluable tools used in research to study various aspects of human biology



MAD-000479Q | Anti-Human p63

 The serum-purified mouse monoclonal antibody p63, a homolog of the tumor suppressor p53, found in basal cells of various tissues including epidermis, cervical mucosa, urothelium, breast, and prostate epithelium.

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MAD-000550QD-7 | PAX-8 anti-human

 Mouse monoclonal antibody targets PAX8, a transcription factor vital for thyroid, Müller system, kidney, and upper urinary tract development. It serves as a highly sensitive marker for tumors in these organs.

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MAD-000680QD-7 | Anti-human cytokeratin 5/6/8/18

 The anti-CK5/6/8/18 antibody mixture detects carcinomas but may show weak immunostaining in poorly differentiated cases. It is primarily used for the differential diagnosis of malignant tumors.

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 MAD-000747QD-7 | anti-human SATB2

 The SATB2 monoclonal antibody targets SATB2, a DNA-binding protein and transcription factor involved in nuclear gene expression, skeletal development, osteoblast differentiation, and immunoglobulin regulation.

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